# CodingSchool.pk

CodingSchool.pk is an ongoing effort to make programming accessible to everyone and mentor the new coders.

# What is the problem?

Although there are a plethora of websites, books and videos that teach programming, resources that teach programming using practical examples and improve the problem-solving skills of the students are hard to find.

The medium of instruction is another barrier to learning. Most people in Pakistan have only passing familiarity with English. It's unfair to force them to learn to program using a foreign language. Programming is already challenging by itself.

Above all, fresh students of programming need a guide and a teacher, which the available online resources do not provide. University professors are more focused on their research, academics, and particularly on completing the course work within the semester duration. This misplaced priority leaves them with very little time to focus on the programming skills of the students.

The chasm between university and industry is a well-documented issue.

# What is CodingSchool.pk?

This website is an endeavour to take the bull by the horns.

  1. We explain programming concepts and answer students' questions in Urdu
  2. We provide an activity-based learning program
  3. We guide the programming students about the latest trends in the industry
  4. We teach them industry-standard tools like Github and practices like CI and Unit testing

# Current Status of the Project

We have several simple exercises that form the basis of advanced programming. A solved example precedes each activity. Students are encouraged to solve the activity using their prior knowledge.

For now, this website serves as a repository of programming exercises for the students. We use the students' input to refine the examples and exercises.

Currently, we are focused on C# only.

# Future Roadmap

  1. Detailed descriptions and explanation of programming concepts
  2. Add video tutorials in the Urdu language
  3. Student registration and authentication
  4. Discussion forum
  5. Online code submission
  6. Automated assignment submission and review
  7. One on one code mentoring
  8. Exercises and tutorials in other programming languages

# Contact

You can reach us at contact@codingschool.pk.

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2020, 6:03 PM